Machining Facility


Asia Steels provides excellent process capability and control, short lead-time response, just-in-time delivery and very competitive cost performance across a broad range of part sizes.


HMC is a high speed, high precision 4 axis Horizontal Machining Center with worlds best available features to match the demanding requirement of the industry. The machine has very special standard features like Three Point Levelling, B-axis rotary table and Electro Spindle . The machine can easily perform variety of operations starting from heavy roughing to precision finishing work


A vertical machining center (VMC) is a machining center with its spindle in a vertical orientation. High-end VMCs are high-precision machines often used for tight-tolerance milling, such as fine die and mold work. Low-cost vertical machining centers are among the most basic CNC machine tools. A low-cost VMC is often a new machine shop’s first machine tool purchase


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