Core Making


Asia Steels shell moulding machine has made a revolutionary change in shell moulding production. We are Indians largest manufacturer and exporter of Shell core Shooting, Machine & Cold Box. The core machines are of different types like Automatic / Semi-Automatic / Manual Vertical Parting / Horizontal Parting / Universal Rotary Indexing / Double Station / Pneumatic / Hydraulic.


Swing door type: This is a vertical parting with turn over top blow. Swing door operation enables easy ejection of core from corebox. PLC control, Plate size 500*700, 500*800, 600*900.
Top shooting type::this automatic shell core shooter is a top shooting type. Vertical parting line. Roll over type design, minimum lead time, and increased production.
This design has vertical parting line, top shooting rollover type enabling self hollow cores. Available in manual, semi automatic and fully automatic with auto sand feeding arrangement. Plate size 300*400, 400*600, 500*700.


Asia Steels Cold box Core Shooter is a proven design. It has given a foundry engineers an edge in the productivity of core making. This process offers many advantages over the normal core shooters such as high productivity, energy saving, good dimensional accuracy, excellent break down properties, low gas evaluation etc. This process uses phenol resin and an dissociate; it hardens instantly at ambient temperature under the action of gaseous catalyst.

This process is most suitable for customization.

  • PIC Control
  • Core Box Size – 300x300x250, 300x600x200.
  • Max Core Weight – 15kg
  • With Air Drier Unit


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